From our commercial installations to bakeries, offices, and forever homes, we commit ourselves to excellence in everything we do. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in a family business, and we believe and thrive in the opportunity to show what generations of a custom craft and family can do. Check-in for a glimpse into how we define family business and a look into the fun that goes on behind the clouds of sawdust.

” We’ve been doing our homework during the past year to learn how to better integrate more of our individual look into everything we create and really make a statement with our special set of skills and ideas that we have built over the past 54 years of business. We’re excited for and anticipating another year of growth and refinement, and throughout it all, projects like these remind us that we are continuously pursuing excellence. “

Ever wonder what goes into creating those sleek custom vanities, towering cabinets, and swirly corbels? Keep an eye out for our posts as we tell our story piece by piece for a closer look into how we bring our residential and commercial millwork to life.

Behind the Scenes: Custom Woodworking for Episode One of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

It’s been a few years since we began working with the Magnolia team to bring together hand-crafted and designed pieces of all kinds. This year, we are excited to see what challenges are in store for us and our work, to see where the trends take us, and the opportunity to keep making a name for ourselves in our home of Waco, Tx.

Massimo’s Italian Ristorante: Custom Millwork for Di Campli’s.

Keep an eye out to read about how we came to work with our friend and business partner to create his dream Italian Ristorante!

Coming soon.