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From our commercial installations to bakeries, offices, and forever homes, we commit ourselves to excellence in everything we do. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in a family business, and we believe and thrive in the opportunity to show what generations of a custom craft and family can do. Check-in for a glimpse into how we define family business and a look into the fun that goes on behind the clouds of sawdust

“Each year we are presented with challenging and complex designs and projects that have allowed us to experiment and refine how we define custom woodworking. Working with the wonderful team at Magnolia over the years has allowed Kent Mill and Supply to dive further into the world of design and get creative with exciting and trendy pieces. We wanted to look back at some of the work we did for the first house and episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home that challenged us to get our hands dirty and gear up for a season of wooden-possibilities.”

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“Massimo’s Italian Ristorante was special for us to work on in certain ways that Massimo understood, and that connection drew us to truly go the full mile for his vision. As a small family business, it was especially wonderful to be in the space of others who understood the meaning, work, and pride that is behind that title. We’re eager and excited for the possibilities of working with more local family businesses like ours,”

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